About the premises 


We pride ourselves on providing a casual, comfortable space for people to create and record music. Technology, equipment, and maintenance are very important to us to preserve the vintage quality of a recording experience. We are located on the second floor of The Music Lab on Olftorf right in the heart of SOCO, walking distance from many restaurants, bars and venues. There is also a music store and a cafe/snack bar on the premises.


About the studio


Area 51 Recording is a hybrid analog/digital studio bringing the best of both of these worlds into your recordings. Every Channel is true analog on both the front and back end, from the vintage AMEK Angela, to the real tube compressors, microphones and outboard gear, Area 51 has captured the process of making a real record in a comfortable, yet affordable environment.


We have kept the warmth and the process utilized on all the great records and run it in tandem with the pliability of the digital domain to incorporate digital editing into a real time analog mixdown.


Area 51 Recording offers several choices for your mix, but in the interest of preserving analog greatness. We suggest mixing down to our vintage 1/4 inch tape machine. Although there is a small tape cost involved, your final mixes can go straight to mastering in this format. We also go through the tape machine in many circumstances to eliminate tape costs for smaller budgets.

About the proprietor


Owner/Engineer/Producer Matthew Lee Clark is an industry vet hailing from Chicago where he had the opportunity to work side by side with many of the best in the business, including: Howie Beno "Programmer, Producer" (Blondie, Depeche Mode) and Chris Steinmetz  "Grammy Award Winning Engineer".


Matthew signed to a major label in 1996 with his band Mary's Window and after years of touring and recording in high end studios (CRC, Chicago Trax, Stainmaster NY) he started working with bands behind the board as an engineer and producer. After working at Chicago's Metropolis Studios as the in-house engineer, Matthew was able to build his own studio and base it in Austin.