1st 100 signed copies available

"Goodbye She Said... I'm Off to Join the Circus" signed by:

Matthew Lee Clark


Dan Milligan

James Scott

Matt Noveskey

Amy Abramite

1st 100 signed copies available


Mary's Window 2020 is a hard-hitting, in-your-face, catchy AF monster of a record. MW 2020 features a cast of band members you may remember from MW lineup circa 1995-2002:


​Matthew Lee Clark - Lead Vox/Guitars

JH- Guitars

Dan Milligan- Drums, Programming


We're lucky to have TWO bass players featured on the record

James Scott- Bass

Matt Noveskey- Bass (yes, THAT, Matt Noveskey... bassist from Blue October and The Orb Recording Studios-Austin, TX)


... and a face you may be quite familiar with from the original Mary's Window lineup joining us for our "Never Sing the Blues" video, Amy Abramite!

It is with deep regret that we weren't able to complete this record alongside longtime friend and supporter, Howie Beno. He has remained in our thoughts, minds and souls while putting this record together and will continue to be as we journey on without him.


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