Area 51 Recording charges by the day, not the hour, for your convenience.

We welcome all freelance engineers. Call anytime to schedule a tour.

What is a day?


We define a day as a good amount of time in which you, your band, and the engineer feel comfortable working. Most sessions usually start between 10am and noon and continue until that days work is done or everyone is tired. While we don't mind you using less than a days worth of studio time, we highly frown upon sessions which come close to or run for 10 hours.


We charge by the day for your convenience, so you don't have to watch the clock and we don't have to charge an additional "Lock-out" fee when you use more than one day in a row.

When should you pay?


You should arrive at the studio with the means to pay for your session (less your deposit). If your band is coming from a country other than the United States or if a third party is paying for the recording, than we will require a wire transfer for full payment of the session prior to the first day of the session. A 7% service fee will be added on to all credit card transactions.

Studio Day Rate is $350
This does not include an engineer
(this is just the cost of the studio itself)
We have many different enginners who work on different projects at different rates. It is best to discuss these matters with the studio manager. Thank you! (512) 839 - 6920

If you have secured a date and wish to pay your $100.00 deposit online, please click buy now.

(only after you have a date secured)

There will be a $100.00 per day deposit applied to each reserved studio date. (Monday thru Friday)

Weekend deposits must be 50% to secure sessions. Pre-paid in full sessions will reflect a discount. ALL payments are non-refundable.