Cheetah Chrome of The Dead Boys

Area 51 has just finished a two song seven inch for legendary Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome. The band also features Chris Alaniz on drums and Jason Kottwitz on guitar from Austin's most outrageous punk band The Bulemics. Both of whom played with Sylvain Sylvain of The New York Dolls during his residency at Hotel Vegas in Austin TX.

Cheetah recorded the last unrecorded Dead Boys song "So Sad" and a brand new one for his upcoming 7" release that will be in tandem with the re-release the of The Dead Boys "Young, Loud and Snotty" record on its 40th anniversary.

We worked on and off throughout September and Early October, as Cheetah was touring in Europe and back and forth quite a bit. He was in very good spirits after Amsterdam. We finally got the mixes down before he was off again to play with Cheetah Chrome and the Knobs in Europe.

Matthew, Jason and Cheetah

Nothing quite like working on artists that you grew up listening to... and then finding out they are cool as shit... Hands down one of my favorite sessions of all time!

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